Danfoss HVAC

Addressing the trends and challenges of modern HVAC

With a rapidly growing world population and increasing urbanization, the demand for well-functioning buildings and indoor environments is also growing. This means both new builds and the upgrading and re-purposing of older buildings for optimal comfort and energy efficiency increase your business potential.

Typical HVAC challenges in the public and commercial buildings of today and tomorrow

Creating Savings Through Energy Efficiency –icon

Creating savings through energy efficiency

HVAC generally accounts for around 50% of a building's energy consumption. Improved energy efficiency is not just about the sustainability and environmental performance of a commercial building. For the building owners and operators, it is a factor that has a huge impact on the total cost of ownership. The selection of the right HVAC solutions for optimized performance can therefore make a considerable difference in terms of energy savings.

With Danfoss technologies, including our HVAC-dedicated AC drives, you could cut energy consumption down to almost a half without compromising air quality and indoor comfort in even the most critical and demanding indoor spaces from hospitals to hotels. Saving energy ultimately means saving money.

Certified Performance and Sustainability –icon

Certified performance and sustainability

Greener buildings are in high demand. With regulations regarding environmental efficiency continuously tightening all over the world, factors such as building CO2 emissions are coming under stricter regulations. Recent innovations in chiller design have helped projects meet local regulations and LEED standards. At the same time, we are also helping low-GWP refrigerants become the new norm in HVAC.

Reducing emissions and environmental impact is just one way Danfoss HVAC solutions can help buildings perform more sustainably. Meeting all modern standards and strict regulations, and using lower GWP refrigerants also makes for solutions that are high in quality in terms of reliability, ensuring that uptime is maximized and installed products supported by 24/7 services all over the world.

Digitalization and Smart Buildings –icon

Digitalization and smart buildings

Increasing digitalization is quickly becoming the norm in modern smart buildings. From a HVAC point of view, this means seamless integration with other building systems is becoming more and more important. The new Danfoss digital NovoCon® actuators, for example, constantly exchanges accurate HVAC data with the Building Management System (BMS). The smarter the solution, the more you can do to increase safety and reliability, as well as the accurate control of process efficiency and energy spend.

Also, end users in buildings are starting to expect more individual control: from automated climate control in hotel rooms, to digital services such as individual control in office buildings using a smart phone. The opportunities digitalization is bringing to the table, are becoming virtually endless.