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HVAC solutions for better indoor experiences

Danfoss is one of the world's leading manufacturing partners in advanced solutions for HVAC, delivering comfort and energy efficiency in residential and commercial buildings. We offer a full range of products and services, from individual high-quality components to full solutions for entire large-scale non-residential buildings. We have the entire HVAC spectrum covered; heating, ventilation and air conditioning.


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Optimized hydronic balancing delivers cost and energy savings

Our expertise in heating extends across the entire spectrum, from energy sources and heat production to efficient heat distribution and accurate temperature control. The Danfoss heating solutions portfolio covers substations, hydronic balancing, controls and much more. The NovoCon® S digital actuator is a real game-changer in hydronic balancing and control. It is designed for our market-leading, pressure-independent balancing and control valve, the AB-QM.

Together these devices create the perfect connection between superior hydronic performance and intelligent Building Automation, giving you all the insights required for efficient predictive maintenance and service. With the deep understanding of the entire system, from the original energy source to a cozy warm indoor space, we can help you specify and configure solutions that take accuracy, comfort, cost optimization and energy savings to a whole new level.

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Better fan control means energy and environmental efficiency

Efficient fan control is the most crucial aspect in ventilation applications. Our entire portfolio is supported by our AC drives specifically designed for reliable and energy efficient service in demanding HVAC applications. To get optimal performance from your pump and fan applications, you can rely on our HVAC-dedicated VLT® AC drives like the VLT®HVAC Drive FC 102

VLT® drives are completely motor-independent, supporting all common motor technologies and even taking multi-fan control in HVAC applications to new heights. Efficient and intelligent fan control can optimize both performance based on needs and cost efficiency in terms of energy consumption. The performance that our AC drives can bring to your building also makes a big difference in terms of environmental performance and sustainability.

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Air conditioning

Cool comfort and cost reductions with better chiller performance

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When you need to cool down, Danfoss offers the widest set of technologies for efficient air conditioning. Our portfolio is based on extensive knowhow and the drive for new innovations. Achieving cool comfort requires a wide range of chiller components including heat exchangers, compressors, drives and valves. Among the most significant innovations we offer, is our Turbocor® VTT oil-free compressors and inverter scrolls that offer the highest full- and part-load efficiency in the industry. Turbocor® compressors are designed to meet the strictest efficiency requirements and all the operational requirements of both water-cooled or evaporative cooled chiller applications.

Our comprehensive portfolio gives you more options to work with towards your desired outcome. With Danfoss products and solutions, you can optimally achieve up to 40% reductions in running costs in building air conditioning. Also, the same NovoCon® S actuator and AB-QM valve combo that works so well in heating applications, is also well-suited for balancing and controlling water-based cooling systems.