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When you remember how you felt, but not the temperature inside the building, you know that our comprehensive solutions for energy efficient solutions for indoor heating, cooling and ventilation are doing their job right. Browse this site, watch the films and discover how Danfoss is giving life to better indoor experiences the world over.

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As a consultant engineer you are daily charged with the challenging task of designing and specifying HVAC solutions that provide public and commercial buildings with optimal indoor environments in the most efficient way possible. These solutions are not only expected to meet modern standards and regulations, but they also need to perform beyond the demands of building owners and end users alike. That's where we at Danfoss can help. We have the expertise and partnership mentality to help you deliver greener and smoother projects and HVAC solutions seamlessly integrated with other systems in the building.

You deserve a HVAC partner that is committed to working with you to ensure the desired results. We put our experience to work for you, delivering solutions specifically designed for demanding HVAC applications. The Danfoss industry-leading product portfolio allows us, together, to create the most energy efficient solutions with the lowest lifecycle costs for the building owner.


reduction in building energy consumption

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The US Steel Tower HVAC retrofit project with more than 150 HVAC-dedicated VLT® Drives has helped create savings of more than $1.1M for the building owner.

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Understanding the Effects of Harmonics and VFDs in Electrical Systems

Start date: on demand until May 2019
Duration: 60 Minutes

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